Which YouTube Analytics report can give you the average view duration for all of the videos on your brand’s channel?


  • The frequency report
  • The audience retention report
  • The watch regularity report
  • The view demographic report

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Drew’s newest client has heard a great deal about the effectiveness of YouTube’s audience solutions, but he’s still not convinced it’s right for his business. He wants to know why an advertiser would choose to include YouTube audience solutions in a campaign. What are three reasons advertisers would choose YouTube audience solutions?

Real-time data, powerful signals, and cross-device reach Competitive analysis, refundable budgets, and email lists Lower auction bidding, email lists, and social reports Console usage, channel

Which is a key benefit of bumper ads? (2)

They provide highly accurate real-time data. They deliver comparable brand impact to TrueView for advertisers. They can be purchased by CPD or CP.C They’re most successful with computer-based viewers.

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