Publisher X decides to issue a copyright takedown in response to Hunter’s cover video. Which of the following is NOT a good option for Hunter?


  • Submit a counter-notification to keep the video on YouTube.
  • Reach out to Publisher X and ask for a retraction.
  • Accept the takedown.
  • Delete the video and reupload it with a different title.

Other Exam Posts

Georgette uploads a video that includes a mashup of several songs, including a hit single by Artist B. Content ID claims Georgette’s video on behalf of Artist B’s record label. Georgette disputes the claim, and the label reinstates it. Georgette still doesn’t believe the claim is valid and responds. How could you best describe this claim scenario?

User-uploaded claim that the user has appealed. User-uploaded claim that the claimant has appealed. Partner-uploaded claim that the user has disputed. Partner-uploaded claim that the claimant has disputed.

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