Ramone’s client is allocating some of her advertising budget to YouTube to take advantage of Affinity Audiences. She wants to know more about Affinity Audiences before committing any resources. Which of the following isn’t a step Google uses to build an Affinity Audience for YouTube?


  • Machine learning to scale
  • Surveys to validate results
  • Signals to understand audience characteristics
  • Emails to sign users up

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Leigh’s meeting a makeup distributor ready to launch a new line of mascara. She’s convinced them to use YouTube to spread their messaging and believes Customer Match, which uses customer data provided for marketing purposes, is the right audience solution for their effort. But the client is confused about how the Customer Match process works. Leigh breaks it down into a three-step process to make it easier to understand. What’s the three-step Customer Match process?

Parse data, format files, and create reports Upload data, match the data, and create audience lists Create fields, file translation, and input customer roles Categorize

Which statement is true about Bumper ads? (3)

They’re in-stream ads that appear following a video. They’re in-stream ads, skippable after five seconds. They’re located at the top of the YouTube video home feed. They provide reach,

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