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HubSpot SEO Certification Course Answers 2021

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Exam Name: HubSpot SEO Certification Course

Exam URL: https://academy.hubspot.com/courses/seo-training

  1. Dr. Dave Driscoll, a very credible and well respected authority on dentistry, just linked to a blog post that you wrote about how to floss from his website. When Google assesses the authority of your post and recognizes the link from Dr. Driscoll’s website, which search engine function is at play?
  2. You’re trying to rank for one of your target topics using a web page that contains a long, canonical piece of written content. However, when you do your research on what’s already ranking for that topic by searching for it on Google, you notice that the majority of search results on page one are videos. Which of the following actions will give your website the best chance of ranking for this topic?
  3. True or False? Google accounts for the majority of searches worldwide.
  4. What do you need to balance when doing SEO?
  5. True or False? The same SEO strategy will yield the same results for all websites.
  6. Choose all that apply. Which of these factors will affect your SEO strategy?
  7. Choose all that apply. Which of these are important KPIs to consider for SEO?
  8. How do you build discovery and relevance for search engines?
  9. Choose all that apply. How do you determine the authority of a piece of content?
  10. What is a backlink profile?
  11. Choose all that apply. What does your backlink profile measure?
  12. True or False? You should optimize a single page for multiple keywords.
  13. What is the purpose of heading tags?
  14. When would it be beneficial to have a different title tag than your heading tag?
  15. Choose all that apply. Why are internal links important for SEO?
  16. Which of these is NOT part of a URL?
  17. True or False? You should use hyphens, underscores, or spaces between the words in your URLs.
  18. When should you use a robots.txt file?
  19. Why is having duplicate content an issue for SEO?
  20. Choose all that apply. Why is it important to have HTTPS for your website?
  21. What is the purpose of a 301 redirect?
  22. What are the two biggest factors in the mobile user experience of your website?
  23. True or False? Don’t use a page’s URL as your link description.
  24. How do search engines use sitemaps?
  25. Which of these teams is NOT involved in the creation of a sitemap?
  26. True or False? The further away a page is from the homepage, the worse it is for that page’s SEO.
  27. The different types of keywords are:
  28. What stage of the buyer’s journey is someone searching for “what is inbound marketing?” likely in?
  29. True or False? You should emulate the top-ranking content for your target keyword, but offer unique value.
  30. Sam is the marketing director for StyleHub, a clothing boutique. They opened their brick and mortar store last year, but Sam only published the website a month ago and it isn’t receiving much traffic yet. Now, they’re ready to focus on SEO and have some resources to dedicate to it. Which three tactics should Sam focus on initially?
  31. What was the purpose of the Google Hummingbird algorithm update?
  32. What is a pillar page?
  33. Google measures how interesting other people think your content is through ___.
  34. True or False? Google doesn’t care about the quality of backlinks, only the quantity.
  35. What kind of content is most likely to be organically linked to?
  36. How many links does it take to rank high in search results?
  37. True or False? All link-building tactics require building a relationship in order to work.
  38. When building a relationship with the goal of receiving backlinks, what is the first thing you should do?
  39. Choose all that apply. What are the most important things to do when replying to press request alerts?
  40. True or False? Backlinks build authority.
  41. True or False? The majority of SERPs include some type of rich results.
  42. What are rich results?
  43. What kind of company would benefit from the site links rich snippet?
  44. True or False? Structured data is a markup language.
  45. What is Schema.org?
  46. What tool can you use to test for errors in structured data markup?
  47. If you track nothing else for SEO, make sure you track ___.
  48. True or False? No matter what SEO tool you use, the metrics will be exactly the same.
  49. True or False? Domain authority is a ranking factor in Google’s algorithms.
  50. Chris is a marketing manager at The Pet Box, which offers subscription boxes for pet owners. Chris wants to increase traffic to The Pet Box’s main product page. Right now that page ranks on the second page of search results for their target keyword. Chris has started improving the on-page SEO of the page, optimizing it for their target keyword, and seeking backlinks from popular pet care blogs. In order to track progress towards their goal, which metrics should Chris track?
  51. What is the recommended format for implementing schema markup?
  52. What kind of heading tag should you use for subtitles on a page?
  53. How long should your page’s title tag be?
  54. Which of these is a strategy to determine the internal linking structure of a website?
  55. Choose all that apply. Which of these tactics will help improve your website’s internal linking?
  56. Which of these is an example of a top-level domain?
  57. True or False? It is a best practice to make your URLs as long and descriptive as possible.
  58. What technical SEO issue can you solve with an SSL certificate?
  59. When performing keyword research, how can you determine which keywords you should create content for?
  60. True or False? When you make a change to a page, Google immediately crawls it.
  61. What is the primary goal of a search engine?
  62. True or False? Authority directly impacts ranking strength.
  63. Choose all that apply. Which of these are ways to increase your site speed?
  64. Choose all that apply. Why are meta descriptions important?
  65. Choose all that apply. When should you submit your sitemap to Google and other search engines?
  66. Jo is a marketer at Papier, a stationery company that does most of their business online. Jo has noticed that Papier is falling behind their competitors in search results and wants to improve their ranking and clickthrough rate. How should Jo go about optimizing the Papier website for this goal?
  67. When should you decide to work with a developer to implement structured data on a page?
  68. Why is over-optimizing bad?
  69. Choose all that apply. What data can you gather about your website from Google Search Console?
  70. Why would you want to run competitive analyses of keywords?
  71. True or False? Adding structured data to a page guarantees that it will appear as a rich snippet in search results.
  72. Which of these is an example of a long-tail keyword?
  73. Zoe is a digital marketer at a graphic design agency, and she’s been tasked this quarter with improving the firm’s SEO. However, the only guidance she has received from her boss is to get the site to rank higher on Google. In order for Zoe to create a successful SEO strategy for the business, what should her first step be?